FAQ’s/General Info

General Information

What’s the difference between Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and Public Housing?

Someone receiving Public Housing assistance must live in one of the HA’s communities.  Someone receiving a Section 8 voucher rents a privately owned unit, and gets help with their rent. MHA does not offer Section 8.  To inquire about the section 8 voucher program you should contact the Waycross Department of Community Affairs at 1-888-879-2549 or 1-912-285-6280.

Is the Housing Authority part of the City-County government?

No, the Moultrie and Doerun Housing Authority are separate agencies.  Our one connection to the city government is that the Mayor selects the members of our Board of Commissioners and appoints them to five year terms.

How can I get an application?

The Housing Authority uses different applications for different sites so it is best to come by the Administrative office and speak with a representative and pick one up.  However, you can print an application off of our website under the Housing tab and mail it back to P.O. Box 1058 Moultrie, Ga. 31776 or return it to our administration office located at 800 4th ave S.E.

When can I apply for housing assistance?

You may apply at our administrative office located at 800 4th Ave. S.E. or by printing out an online application and mailing it in or dropping it off at the above address or in the night drop box after hours.

Am I eligible to apply for housing assistance?

The HA accepts applications only from families whose head or spouse is at least 18 years of age and is a U.S. citizen.

How does the waiting list work?

The waiting list is maintained by the date and time a person applies.  There are also several preferences given to applicants based on certain federal requirements.  The size unit for which the family is eligible is based on family composition.

How can I find out where my name is on the list?

You may contact the Housing Authority.  However, the information that is provided changes constantly.

I applied for housing assistance a couple years ago, but now they say my name has been removed from the waiting list. How does that happen?

The Housing Authority mails correspondence to the address on the initial application.  If the HA cannot contact you, your name will be withdrawn from the waiting list.  If you move, have a change in family composition or family income please come by MHA’s office and fill out an update form.  If there is a period when MHA cannot contact you, your name will have been removed from the waiting list.  Also, applications expire after 12 months.

What areas are considered public housing?

The Public Housing Program for Moultrie is divided into five (5) areas which consist of Sunrise Apartments (SE), Westland Apartments (NW), Sunrise Homes (SE), Westland Homes (NW) and some scattered sites apartments (NW).

For Doerun there are four (4) sites located within the city.  They are located on East College, South Green, North Jones and West Union and Peachtree streets respectively.

Can I have family stay with me in public housing?

You can have visitors, and you are responsible for their code of conduct.  Guests will be permitted to stay on the premises for a maximum of 14 calendar days per year.

Can I have pets in public housing?

Yes, you can have a pet that fits within HA regulations. The regulations require a pet deposit that varies by the property and sets some limits on the type and size of the pet.  Contact the HA administrative office for more information.

Pets are not allowed at Rainwater Village.

I need housing immediately, can you help me?

The Housing Authority does not provide emergency housing.