Executive Info

Administration – The Moultrie Housing Authority owns, operates and manages some 328 public housing, 144 leased housing and 26 USDA housing units in the City of Moultrie and surrounding areas.  The City of Moultrie currently has 8 Commissioners appointed by the Mayor to the Housing Authority Board.  One member of the board is appointed from among the tenants of the Authority.  The Doerun Housing Authority which has 44 units in Doerun, GA. has a separate Board made up of 4 Commissioners appointed by the Mayor.  It is the responsibility of these Commissioners to oversee the operations of the agency and to ensure the success of all programs administered.

The Authority has an administrative staff with a combined 85 years of service and experience that manages one of the most successful Authorities in the State.  We currently manage a portfolio that consists of 542 total units.  Our vacancy rate is less than 1% on an annual basis and most months we are 100% occupied.  We have an extensive waiting list of potential occupants.  For our Public Housing Programs we receive Capital Fund Grant Money and Operating Subsidy from the Department of Housing and Urban Development that we use to constantly improve our properties and run an efficient and highly successful operation.  Our most recent HUD PHAS score which takes into consideration how well the Authority performs overall was a 99 and demonstrates the continued success the Authority strives for.

Moultrie Housing Authority Board: Doerun Housing Authority Board:
Doug Strange – Chairman Charlie Marshall – Chairman
Joan Gay – Vice-Chairman Cliff Bridges – Vice-Chairman
Christa Bledsoe Jimmy Proctor
John Griffin Ken Tate
Rochelle McCranie
Cherri Parish
Velma Thomas – Resident Commissioner

Administrative Staff:

Michael A. Boatwright – Executive Director

Sandra Lewis – Housing Specialist, Sandra@moultrieha.net

Nidia Saunders – Housing Specialist, Nidia@moultrieha.net

Kay Moore – Finance Coordinator, Kay@moultrieha.net

Zeke Marrero – Director of Maintenance, Zeke@moultrieha.net

Marilee Garcia — Inspections Officer, Marilee@moultrieha.net

Jessica Clements — Administration Clerk, Jessica@moultrieha.net

Donna Walker — Administration Clerk, Donna@moultrieha.net